Keep Pluckin’ That Chicken In Monday Night Combat

Keep Pluckin’ That Chicken In Monday Night Combat

If your fetish happens to be rodeo-riding a giant chicken named for a former US Secretary of Commerce, you’re going to want to get Monday Night Combat’s latest update, which went live last night.

That’s “Chickey Cantor”, the newest star of Monday Night Combat, found in its newest map, Uncle Tully’s Funland. Yes, yes, I know “Mickey Cantor” is the name of the supersmarmy announcer in Monday Night Combat. I’m still amused that, of all names, Uber Entertainment picked that (though I would be even more amused if they picked Charlene Barshefsky).

Should you manage to wrangle Chickey (wait for him to slam the ground, then grapple him) and ride him for eight seconds, you get a big cash money prize. Of course, while riding that chicken you are a sitting, er, duck for opposing pros. You may also shoot Chickey and make him fly away, earning a huge single-life buff for your side.

Other updates include new bot spawners with specific buttons to spawn the whole bot menagerie, Jackbots, to Bouncers.

See the link for all the update details.

Uncle Tully’s Funland Update [Uber Entertainment]


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