Killing Should Be About Making Money, Not Taking Money

Ever play a game whose highlights are scripted sniper sections? That's all this game is. Hit after hit after hit.

Contract Killer, by Glu Mobile, is a sniper game for iOS that, once it's done ramming some very questionable ethics in your face, tasks you with shooting guys in the head for money.

It's a shame, then, that for a game about making money you're constantly reminded about Glu trying to take your money, as while it's free to download, Contract Killer charges you for just about everything else, right down to ammo.

Still, if spending a few bucks every month is fine by you, the game here is a good time-killer. The gun's scope moves nice and smoothly, but your targets have all the grace (and hit detection) of an early PlayStation 2 game.

Contract Killer [Apple App Store]


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