Korea Institutes National Curfew For Kid Gamers

South Korea this week passed a new law that would ban children under the age of 15 from playing online games between midnight and 6am, The Chosunilbo reports.

The National Assembly legislation is aimed at "protecting children from game addiction". It's still unclear if this will be for computer games only or include all platforms.

New Law to Limit Game Times for Young Teens [The Chosunilbo][Pic]


    This law is mainly enforced only in PC rooms (LAN Cafe's) As all of them are open 24/7 and you occasionally see many Korean kids stay throughout the night in Seoul.

    I can't even imagine how'd you enforce this in peoples home
    It'd be literally impossible to do so

    I can't imagine any under 15 year old kids running around playing games in internet cafe's.
    The idea's good but It's pretty useless.

      sorry i mean't during the times of 12 and 6AM

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