Kotaku Australia: A Winner Is Us!

How do I say this without sounding insanely arrogant and conceited? Basically, Kotaku is awesome and I, Mark Serrels, am a Golden God-King worthy of resounding praise from the highest heavens. On Friday the Kotaku crew went to the IT Journo Awards and folks - we did it! Winning 'Best Gaming Coverage' for Kotaku.

It was also a bit of a humdinger for me personally, as I won best Gaming Journalist. Which I was plenty chuffed about.

This is me trying to hide my nervousness before the games awards were announced.

This is me making my awesome speech (thanks Hex for letting me steal your pic).

This is me holding the prize trying to make my eyes as big as possible.

And this is an artist's impression of the after party, courtesy of Sughly.

Thanks to all you guys for being such an awesome community, and making it so much easier to write stuff worth reading. You really are a bunch of smart, funny, informed people and that really challenges me to try and write good content. We couldn't have done it without you guys.

Now. Lavish praise upon me.



    Congratulations! You truly deserve it. Those eyes in the last pic are creeping me out a bit though.

    Mark Serrels is Charlie Sheen confirmed... Not content with "just" Winning at life... it was about Bi-Winning on Friday night!!

    Perhaps even "Tri-Winning", certainly taking home two awards is awesome enough, but to then be riding a Unicorn that shits rainbows, well that's the trifecta! :)

    Congratulations Mark, Elly, Seamus and Allure Media!

    I still think I should've won...

    Still, Congruntulationifications Mark! :D

    Grats Mark on your personal win, it was nice of Simon Pegg to accept the award on your behalf; and Super Grats to Kotaku for finally being recognised as the #1 website on the internet that contains gaming information and traces of nuts.

    Wow, wonderful! Congratulations!

    Damn right! Without us.. you are NOTHING!!! This award should go to us for being so awesome and loving and praising you day in and day out!! ;)

    mad congrat

    Well done on the award Mark and the rest of the team! You've produced a site that is both informative and enjoyable, and that I find myself spending way too much time on.

    And thanks for lavishing praise upon us in return! I assume that you tearily thanked us all individually by (screen) name during your victory speech?

    Let us not forget the ever enigmatic wildgoose as well, who for some of us was the first editor of kotaku that we ever had...


    It's the giant eyes. The judges knew that they were coming so they were compelled to give you the award.

    That and you clearly deserved it through sheer awesomeness, but mainly the eyes.


    Good job, man! Knew I'd picked the right website to follow ^_^


    Well done Mark! Was it a general award for excellence or your great coverage of the games rating fiasco?

    Sending a lavash via post now.

    Wait. Lavish. Sorry.

    All seriousness, Congrats.

    Thank you Mark, now that I've seen that picture of you, with your eyes wide open, I will never sleep again.

    I'm confused... did Elly turn into a unicorn at 11pm? Or was the unicorn hiding in Seamus' hair until she left?

    Congrats Mark and the entire Kotaku team! You guys definitely deserve it.

    Congrats Mark!

    Now can I have your autograph?? :P

    You have now earned the right to wear this expression on your face:

    Well done sir, much congratulations to you and the team, I have really enjoyed the focus and new features that have sprung up since Wildgooses departure. Keep up the good work.

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