Lara Croft Still Looks Like Hell In The New Tomb Raider

The makers of the new Tomb Raider have been stripping away any semblance of glamor Lara Croft may have exhibited in previous games. Her next, simply titled Tomb Raider, features a muddier, bloodier Lara simply trying to survive.

The game is the subject of numerous magazine covers this month, all of them appearing to use the artwork below of Lara Croft bandaging herself, brandishing some of her new gear, like her bow and climbing gear. Those previews, in magazines like PlayStation: The Official Magazine, point to more changes in store for the series, like more physics-based puzzles and platforming.

Lara will also be able to exhibit a "survival instinct" that will let her see helpful items in her world, according to early accounts of Tomb Raider previews flooding the Tomb Raider Forums web site. The game is reportedly taking influence from the likes of Half-Life 2, Assassin's Creed and Uncharted for some of its new mechanics, drawing influence from films like Batman Begins and 127 Hours for its themes.

For now, we'll simply take in the new artwork from the Tomb Raider reboot, waiting for more details from Crystal Dynamics.



    So she didn't lose the big boobs after all?

      Nah they didnt eh?
      But at leaat they look boob shaped this time! Lol

    Oh boy, Tomb Raider is finally being re-imagined! And by "finally" I mean "didn't they do that with 'Angel of Darkness' and 'Legend'?"...

    Is it too much to hope that they could actually pull off some decent character development? Because I would actually buy that game.

    "Dark and Gritty - that's what the kids love these days!"

    -Ubisoft exec preparing for the umpteenth tomb raider reboot.

    It has nothing to do with Uncharted.
    Two very different games.
    Information is misleading. It's Uncharted who copied TR.. Iv'e been playing TR since childhood. It's difficult that's why it's boring for some of children who own PS3. And who post comments against TR games.
    Personally I do love Uncharted even though have seen only gameplay videos.
    TR seems much more serious IMO.

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