Leaked Forza 4 Video Confirms Kinect Features

Leaked Forza 4 Video Confirms Kinect Features

Realising it is April Fools Day, if this video is a fake, someone went to a lot of trouble to create something that delivers no punchline. Here is a solid three minutes jampacked with in-game footage of Forza 4, touting a lot of features we’d scented from a marketing survey that went out last week.

Details such as Kinect-supported head tracking, Kinect driving controls in casual gameplay modes, advanced lighting and modelling, social networking features and a deep list of manufacturers were all tipped off earlier.

Contacted by Kotaku, a Microsoft spokesman confirmed the video’s authenticity.

The video in question was not intended for public distribution and may not accurately reflect features and functionality that ship in Forza Motorsport 4. We will have more to share on Forza Motorsport 4 in the near future.

Forza 4 Gameplay Preview [YouTube]


  • That does indeed look very pretty. And if it’s as fun to play as F3, then it will be brilliant 😀

  • This definitely has to be a joke. A racing game controlled via Kinect would be positively horrible to play, not to mention tiring on the arms. I’d also mention how ridiculous one would look sitting on a couch and pantomiming driving, but then again I think that just about any form of flailing done in front of the Kinect is undignified. The clincher for me was the line about adjusting your in-car view by turning your head.

    • “…Kinect driving controls in casual gameplay modes”

      Don’t think there’s anything to worry about.


    Man that takes me back. Forz 4 immediatly beats GT5 due to inclusion of White Zombie soundtrack 😉

    • GT5 has the option for a custom soundtrack so you can add your own music so you can still have your “White Zombie”.

      • true, but the custom sound tracks in games on the ps3 are hit and miss if the game has it at all, it seems everytime there’s an update I need to reselect the tracks or doesn’t continue with the same track if you go from different menus.
        At least on the 360 in every game I can just go and select my playlists and I’ve never experienced a problem or issue like I’ve had with the ps3 custom tracks

  • Swear he says it “Fortza” half the time.

    It’s a bit more than Blizzard put into their April Fools usually, but I’d believe it.

  • Looks good… hope they actually bother to double-check it all works this time around (eg forza 3 having broken cockpit views for half the racing cars…).

    • And how many games did it take just to reach parity with one game?

      Right, 3.

      Seriously take your fanboy comment and shove it.

      • Apparently, one game starting before the other makes it better? No. It took Forza 3 to beat GT5, (have you seen the crappy “visual techniques” used when you drive with a behind-the-car perspective?) And Forza 2 and GT4 were pretty equal in my book. Those 2 can’t be compared, that’s why. One did some things well, the other did other things well. A PS fanboi on a Forza article? Shove it yourself. Beat both before you become biased. And then don’t become biased. Incase you haven’t noticed, good race drivers don’t insult the opposition, they just exploit weaknesses to win on the track. We know you aren’t one, obviously.

      • Hey dude, I’m not tyring to stir the pot here. I’ve got no particular passion for raicng games, although I do find them casually fun. I deffinatly aren’t a fanboy of either forza or GT.

        I do want to make the point that when I got Forza 3 in a 360 bundle I was pleasantly surprised. And when I finally got my hands on GT5 I was very dissappointed.

      • How long did it take GT to get to 5?

        Gran Turismo
        Gran Turismo 2
        Gran Turismo 3
        Gran Turismo 4
        Gran Turismo (PSP)
        Gran Turismo 5
        Gran Turismo 4 Prologue
        Gran Turismo HD
        Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

        That’s right 9 games over the span of 14 years. There was a period of 3 years between GT5: Prologue and GT5. And in that period, all the managed to do is patch together 200 premium cars that can actually compete with Forza 3’s 500 cars, and then 800 throwaway GT4 port cars with 0 details, customisation or cockpit view. Oh, and for ultimate racing simulator, they forgot to include the freakin BRAKES? Of course, my 1000bhp SUPRA will do just fine using its stock brakes… NOT.

        GT5 is an overrated, overhyped, underwhelming piece of work. Polyphony lives in its own little world with no regard of progress in the world of racing simulations.

  • The way he says Forza is the correct pronunciation. Game looks amazing 🙂 They’re going to be getting my money on launch again…Kinect is obviously just going to be something that will get non-gamers to play rather than a mode core gamers will use but it’s nice to have it there…my mum could even play and she can’t even begin to comprehend how to use the 360 controller. I can see it being a tad too easy with Kinect though unless they add in manual breaking, not sure how it’d be done though. Graphics look sublime, really unbelievable. Not far away either.

  • Using kinect to look into corners is good but could also have been programmed to do.
    Using kinect to steer is total garbage and there is no way I would use it like that.

    Steering wheel or joypad or nothing.

    As for the game, WOW stunningly beautiful want it now, the lighting sells it, the gameplay keeps you there.

  • To the people commenting on how he was saying “forza”- I don’t speak Italian, but I’m pretty sure that’s how you pronounce the word. “Fort-za”, meaning “strength”.

    • Actually the internet leans more towards “force” for the meaning, my mistake. And the idiot’s guide to pronouncing it is like “pizza”, despite the lack of double z, apparently.

  • Can anyone actually watch the video in fullscreen or does that Facebook and Editors frame make it impossible to click (tried FF and Chrome).

    • The full screen button works for me but only because the video sits on top of the Editor’s Picks box, rather than under it as I imagine is the case for you. All videos on Kotaku AU seem to be too wide since the US site got a redesign; they’re playing with a wider content area there now and the videos aren’t being resized for the AU site.

  • “With Forza 4 our goal is to deliver the best looking game of 2011” …. but it’s on the Xbox? With that as an opening line it sort of puts the rest of the video in perspective

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