Let Off Some Steam: 3DS Launch Titles

Let Off Some Steam: 3DS Launch Titles

Let Off Some Steam: 3DS Launch TitlesLet Off Some Steam is a new section where we let you guys get something off your chest – it can be a vitriol laced rant, a sappy love letter to whatever, or anything inbetween. Send your ranty words in this direction, and try and keep it under 600 words. This time Corey Lee discusses the lack of quality launch titles for the 3DS.

You know, I really empathise with this rant, as I sit here waiting for Pilotwings Resort, so I had to post it.

Take it away Corey.

Let Off Some Steam: 3DS Launch Titles Let Off Some Steam: Better Launch Titles PLEASE! It was about 3am in the morning last Saturday at my girlfriend’s house that I found myself awake and it was only because her little dog had flared up my sinus. So, with a cup of tea, and my new 3DS for company, I’d gone outside her bedroom and decided to play a few rounds of Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition. The game is great but it’s wasn’t long before I put it down.

So what else is there to play?

Rayman 3D? Sure, the platformer looks alright but it’s something I got more for my girlfriend than myself. And the only reason I don’t have any other games at the moment is because nothing else seems that appealing. Personal story aside, the point I’m trying to make here is why there never seems to be that many great launch titles for any new console, the 3DS in this case. Out of the new titles, only SSFIV 3D seemed like a must-have. I’ve heard good things about Tom Clancy’s Shadow Wars but I suspect that people will be buying it more out of desperation as their alternatives to a serious 3DS action title seem limited. On the other hand, the Super Monkey Ball game, Dinosaurs 3D and that Dynasty Warriors port are coming across as mindless shovelware. It won’t be long until their overinflated prices fall and their fates find themselves resigned to the bottom of a bargain bin thanks to overproduction. Still, it seems annoying when we spend about $300 on the 3DS at launch and are forced to wait a few months for the good games to come out. That actually leads me to my next point.

The ‘good games’ I’m talking about are simply tried-and-true franchises being ported once more to a handheld. Resident Evil: Mercenaries, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Super Mario 3DS and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D to name a few. I’d be lying though if I said this was a huge cause for concern or that I expected otherwise. I never played Ocarina of Time as I lacked a N64 back in my childhood and would love to experience the infamous Water Temple firsthand.

Yet, where are the original titles that I’m longing for?

Something new to try out, hopefully be impressed with and expect to see it continue on as yet another fabled franchise. Out of the current launch titles, nothing is stepping forward as a real contender in terms of innovation. I’ve honestly been more impressed with the Augmented Reality features and that came included with every unit.

Maybe I’m just being too impatient?

But I do have to conclude that there should’ve been more choice of 3DS launch titles available. I felt the same when the PS3 was first released in 2007 and no one in Australia really lined up to get one. Maybe it was the price of the console at launch but I know inside that it was because the accompanying release titles were mostly crap. Possibly excluding Resistance: Fall of Man which I still found to be a very average by-the-books FPS.

It’s not often when a new console comes out. And from previous experience, I know that any consoles’ game libraries needs a good year or two to properly develop with some must-have titles. As for Nintendo though, they should’ve known better. I think the 3DS is a great step in handheld gaming and that its entertainment potential will be fully realised later. But I’m obviously not too impressed with the games released alongside it.

As for now, I think it’s simply time to play the waiting game.

That, and kick my girlfriend’s Shih-tzu off her bed…


  • I completely with everything you’ve said. I bought three games on launch: Street Fighter, Nintendogs and Ridge Racer. To be honest, Street Fighter’s the only one I’m really into playing. I plan to get Samurai Warriors tomorrow, just cause, like you said, I’m desperate for a new game to play on a system I waited so long to play.

  • How odd, the whole thing comes up on the front pages as if there were no paragraphs yet the formatting in here is fine.

  • This is one of the reasons I’ll be waiting.

    I got so excited about the DS that I bought it on day one and it was months before I bought a second game. That was the first and only time I have bought a console on launch day…never again.

  • Great article. Nintendo seem to have really dropped the ball on this one. I’ve seen a 3DS in action now and it definitely has the “wow” factor, but no games to make it a must buy.

  • I think the issue is the market for the games.

    If no one buys the console, then there’s no market for the games. No studio is going to spend a small metric butt tonne on deveopment for a platform that isn’t there.

    I will say this though… if you want origional games, you’re not going to find them on Nintendo anymore.

    • And Kid Icarus is what exactly?

      Seems pretty original to me. In fact, so does MK3DS, Super Mario 3DS, Paper Mario and I assume eventually Pokemon, new Zelda and Kirby.

      I know some can argue their aren’t really original, but they are original enough for me, I can’t find them on any other platform, I don’t don’t want something “like” zelda or “like” mario and I’m sure they aren’t the only one who make more games of some of their best-selling franchises.

      Not to mention 3rd party developers who often make great super-original games.

    • That isn’t really true… Nintendo isn’t all Mario and Zelda. Ghost Trick, 999, the Layton series, Phoenix Wright etc etc

      Nintendo has its franchises, but there are plenty of other games that come out too

  • I picked up a black 3DS with Ghost Recon, as the only game worthy of purchase for me, someone who already has Street Fighter 4. GET THIS, I just read that Ghost Recon is being ported to iPhone and iPod Touch! I mean, this bites Nintendo. I’m happy to pay $69 for a 3DS game, thinking that the alternative iPod games are rubbish, but this is too much to take. I’m cheesed off that this game which I consider a great way to settle into a new Nintendo console, is being ported to the anti-Christ of game consoles, the iPod Touch. AND PROBABLY FOR A FEW BUCKS TOO! Can I get a refund for this thing?

  • If you like any of the musou games (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, etc), then Samurai Warriors Chronicles is actually a really fun game to pick up. If not, nothing significant has changed that would call out to you.

  • Internestingly, Rabbids is actually a lot more fun and complicated than I first thought. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys side scrollers. As for star wars 3, not bad, but no different to the other lego games.

    • If only they had built-in a rumble feature 🙁

      I can’t bear the thought of playing that game without rumble. Same with Space Invaders Extreme.

  • I bought my 3DS on day one with Street Fighter. I love the device but spend more time on my iPhone because all I want is Mario Kart 3DS. COME BLOODY ON NINTENDO!!! PICK UP YOUR GAME!!

  • I don’t know what you guys are on about. Ssfiv is absoulute dog shit. The game is too easy to beat and has no real challenge. A really good lainch title is Splinter cell 3ds. It’s really underrated but it’s a really great game!

    • Im under the impression you play by yourself on versus or arcade mode with the difficulty set to easiest and the number of rounds set to 1.

      You can’t beat SSFIV. It beats you.

  • Still no games for the 3DS yet, I have Splinter Cell 3D on the way but I don’t expect that to be good. Why can’t they release the Resident Evil games on launch grrr.

  • Isn’t this pretty much par for the course as far as new hardware goes? There are very few systems that have ever launched with really good games available from the outset. In fact the only two counter-examples I can think of are the Dreamcast, which had Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur at launch, as well as Power Stone, and the Xbox, which launched with Jet Set Radio Future, Dead or Alive 3, Oddworld, Project Gotham Racing and Halo. I guess the N64 launching with Mario 64 and Shadows of the Empire was fairly reasonable too, though I hesitate to list the latter as a good game (it sure moved a lot of systems though).

    • PS3 had Motorstorm and Resistance, which for their time were awesome, awesome games. It’s a shame the cost of entry was so high that noone really bought one at launch.
      PSP had Lumines, Wipeout and Metal Gear Ac!d.

  • I feel the same way. My 3ds hasnt even been shipped yet (NEVER PREORDER FROM FISHPOND), and I’m thinking of cancelling it, even though I’ve got a game on the way. I can probably sell that for at least the price I paid ($42).

    Between this, and the poor design from what I’ve been reading from people’s experiences, to the BSOD, I’m struggling not to press that big green cancel button. I want games to play, and there’s nothing decent. Anything notable in the future is just a port or same-same. We have a bloody new innovative console, with absolutely no innovation in the software department!

  • I got a 3DS on launch and haven’t even bothered with an actual #ds title yet. I never had a DS so I’ve picked up the new Pokemon Black and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, while I wait for something decent (like ocarina) to come out…

  • I would love a FPS to have less bugs and hackers on release. Homefront and Crysis 2 multi was a joke. Only this week have we finally seen patches trying to fix all the issues.

  • Also still waiting for Pilotwings. It was the only launch title that I wanted, and they pushed it back. 😛

    One more week… Ordinary DS games not enough… One more week…

  • I’m with you Issac, This is the first of any DS console. I’ve picked up all the Ace Attorneys and Trauma Center off Ebay. I’ve also been playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn, I loved the one on GBA.

  • I didn’t even bother buying a 3DS for this very reason. Nothing right now I want to play, and don’t really care much for the upcoming games either.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see a new model of 3DS start coming out next year as well.

  • i bought it day 1 with ghost recon and Pokemon white, I’ve never owned a ds before so i got a whole back catalog to choose from while i wait, ghost recon is amazing! i cant get enough of it, heaps of missions in isometric turn based glory, working out who i want where and so on. a really awesome launch title. i just got street fighter which is what you’d expect i just gotta get used to small controls for it but i recommend it, aside from those two games i just have to wait for some decent games, metal gear cant come soon enough. and why does every one seem to want pilot wings? it dosent look that great to me maybe ill give it a play and i might get converted

  • It sounds interesting and semi-innovative. One thing though: children, teens, or adults that have not been diagnosed with Epilepsy yet have that gene/ condition could possibly go into an Epileptic seizure with this game system. That is just my view and opinion. I’m not trying to down the product, I’m just scared of the implications of the device.

  • Really liking Pro Evo 3Ds so far, the 3d is subtle but effective and it actually plays better than most recent console versions. Never got SF4 for one of the big boys so enjoying that one too.

    As someone pointed out, consoles rarely launch with grnuinrly exciting titles – PSP, Xbox1, PS2, Ps3…. alll come to mind.

    It’s a pretty celculated move by the big N I’d say – get fans and buzz going and come xmas time, plenty of Icarus, Zelda and mario (?)

  • I cant agree more with this article. I picked up Ridge Racer on launch and it is great, but its not redefining the handheld market in terms of development. Its simply taking something that already exists and maybe making it look better. The 3DS is a big step in the market and technology but as the article says, doesnt bring anything of that calibre, in the form of games, to the launch. You really want Marios, MGS’s, Pilot Wings etc and they just werent there.

    I wonder how much of it is saying – ok we dont want to go all out at launch, so lets realease some top shelf games over the next 3 or 4 months which reflects an increase in consoles purchased for the business… If that is the attitude then it sucks.

    I lined up for the PS3 in Canberra, amongst about 5 people. I thought that Resistance was good but not great. I also thought that Motorstorm invented something not seen before and exceptionally cool for its time.

    It seems to be a continueing trend that at launch we dont get steller titles – if only we knew why

  • I don’t get all the negativity that Splinter Cell has received, I’ve read the reviews available and so far I haven’t been having their experience. I’ve found that sneaking around is easy, the controls are actually very suitable (even the camera control is easy), the graphics I find quite nice and to the point… the gameplay is like Splinter Cell (which it should be for a port), it works and i’ve had an enjoyable experience with it so far (i’m up to the South Korea mission).

    I never did play Chaos Theory when it originally came out and im sure it did look prettier on Xbox or PS2… but this is without a doubt a very successful hand-held translation.

    Point to be made though are:
    – sneaking/infiltrating areas is more than possible… i’ve gone through multiple levels without tripping an alarm.
    – seeing enemies and plotting their rotation for the knockout/kill is easy
    – the 3D I found actually enhanced the gameplay. I tried to play segments of it in 2D, but I found the 3D to be a necessary inclusion for depth perception… it was like the depth element was compensating for how small the screen was.
    – the game looks good.

    I could see why people would be angry by the lack of Multiplayer, but that’s a completely trivial point if you are judging the game on its own merits. Its almost as if reviews have held up their Xbox version and the 3DS version, proclaimed “:( Not the same!”, had a kid like tantrum and proceeded to write a very negative review. Bollocks.

  • Thank god I didn’t get one at launch. I really am interested in it, but with no games (I have SSFIV on PS3, don’t need a portable version when I suck enough at the big brother version).

    Other than Mario 3DS, I am looking forward to Ocarina (but would prefer Majoras Mask and Wind Waker to come out also), perhaps also um, are there any other decent games coming out for it?

  • Thank god I didn’t get one at launch. I really am interested in it, but with no games (I have SSFIV on PS3, don’t need a portable version when I suck enough at the big brother version).

    Other than Mario 3DS, I am looking forward to Ocarina (but would prefer Majoras Mask and Wind Waker to come out also), perhaps also um, Resident Evils and… are there any other decent games coming out for it?

  • Been playing my way through Shadow Wars, much better than I expected for a launch title, get it if you’re a Fire Nation fan.

    SSIV3D isn’t great, but is nice to show off. Waiting on Pilotwings to arrive in the mail.

    Is the 3DS launch bad? Yes. Is it UNUSUALLY bad? No. The DS was about the same, the GBA was far worse. The only thing that salvaged the DS launch was the Metroid FPS demo that was a blast just for multiplayer.

  • I second Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. Its pedigree and mechanics are unimpeachable, it is a launch title worthy of the platform and it is criminal how little attention it is getting.

  • the problem with the gaming industry is a lack of innovation it would be great to have a demons souls or even a mortal kombat on this. another thing that has me concerned is the 3D i want games to use it to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone not build a game around it. im praying that this hand held gets some more mainstream titles or it will be as bad as the psp was at first.

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