Let’s Close Out April Fool’s With This Unbeatable Minecraft Office Prank

Let’s Close Out April Fool’s With This Unbeatable Minecraft Office Prank

Closing out this April Fool’s Day is a prank that is 100 percent truthful in its awesomeness. At Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Greenview Data, the co-workers of one Minecraft-addicted employee, Matt, converted his cubicle into a Minecraft cave anyone could be proud of, in game or in real life.

It wasn’t as simple as taking 62 boxes and painting them with grass and stone textures (though the textures are well done); support mechanisms also had to be built in. They were in the office to nearly 11 p.m. assembling and documenting their work. You can see more still shots and read details of the cave’s construction at the link below.

Matt’s reaction is a little subdued. What speaks loudest, however, is “I’m keepin’ it.” We would too. Hats off to Matt and to his co-workers. That’s an office that plainly knows how to have fun, and if Matt was worth this much trouble, he must be a great guy to work with, too.

New Office for Matt – Boxcraft? [Greenview Data, thanks Jeff O.]


  • I want! Although I don’t think my fellow employees care enough about me to do something like this!

    The first thing I would want to do is play Creeper… Sssssssssssss….. BOOM!!!!!

  • Aww, they made the roof out of sand! I was hoping they’d have it cave in on him 🙁

    or have a guy dress up as a creeper!

    Still cool though.

  • you know what would have been even better? if they filled the rock boxes with rocks and the dirt boxes with dirt and gave him a pickax or shovel.

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