Let’s Watch A Few Seconds Of Prototype 2 Gameplay Footage

Let’s Watch A Few Seconds Of Prototype 2 Gameplay Footage

In the first Prototype game, protagonist Alex Mercer was the good guy. In the second game, he’s the bad guy.

In this latest trailer, the game’s developers waxed about Mercer and the decision to make him the enemy. The thrust in the sequel is that players are James Heller, who was infected by the “Blacklight” virus, and are out to kill Mercer, the man who infected Heller.

Be sure to sit through the talking heads – there’s some cool gameplay footage towards the end. Or better yet, skip ahead.


    • Well given the first game was released here and provided you dont quick time event kill people and only mutants I.E non humans then the game will very likely see release.

      Hate to bring up the ol L4D2 issue but if Valve pitched them as zombies – not humans – instead of infected humans L4D2 probably would of been released or at leasted had alot less changed

  • I really don’t want to play as this new guy, he looks a gigantic dickhole.

    His backstory is pretty terrible too, “My family was murdered, so i’m gonna go kill Alex Mercer and in the process kill an absolute tonne of innocent people”

  • Who gives a shit about a back story?

    I just want to play it!!!

    Prototype never got the praise it deserved imo. Just running up a skyscraper and launching of into a glide for the first time was enough to get me hooked. Amazing sense of freedom not accustomed to most open world characters.

    Can’t wait to see more.

  • i would much rather play as alex then the new dude for 2 reasons
    1:we all know and love him and most people were EVIL as him in the first game considering he ate people…tanks….infecteds…..broke skyscrapers and stuff/military bases

    2:new dude looks extra special retarded

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