LunchTimeWaster: Multitasking

Regular LunchTimeWasters may remember F*ck This Game, a truly horrible mix of mini-games that coagulated until the synapses in your skull collapsed in a heap, begging for mercy. Multitask 2 is a bit like that - but way, way better. This one's actually fun. And ridiculously challenging.

Multitask 2 is a game that slowly keeps adding mini-games that you have to play simultaneously, until your fragile brain can't take any more. It's the kind of game our children's children will be playing, when their attention spans finally hit a singularity.

My brain is old and dusty, therefore I've only been able to get to the fourth level in a handful of tries - but I'm sure some of you guys (Batguy) will be able to absolutely crush this thing with your ungodly reflexes.

Do me proud folks.

Multitask 2 [Armor Games]


    Haha, I love this one. I used to challenge my raiding team on it to improve their raid awareness. Good training for APM too

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