LunchTimeWaster: My Brain Hurts

When it comes to LunchTimeWasters, I have a few personal preferences. One preference is polished Metroid style 2D efforts ala K.O.L.M., and the other is simple puzzle games with fresh mechanics. Blockgineer falls into the latter category, and I really like it.

Blockgineer presents you with a goal ripe for rubbish puns - you must make one ball touch other balls. Or put your balls in a box. In the interests of time I'm going to leave the entendres to you guys, because the interesting thing about Blockgineer is the method you employ to make these balls touch themselves.

Simply put - you are given a limited amount of blocks to finish the level placed in front of you. To quote Happy Gilmore, you must help the ball go to its home. The ball, in this case, is not too good for its home.

It's charming. I love the music. I love the problem solving element. I love the reward you get from creatively approaching the task at hand.

I think you should play this game.

Blockgineer [Kongregate]


    Reminds me of The Incredible Machine, loved that game as a kid.

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