LunchTimeWaster: UpBot Goes Up

I try to avoid hyperbole when it comes to LunchTimeWasters so that, in the event that I find something I truly love, I can share it with you guys and you'll know it's worth playing. I'm thinking games like K.O.L.M., Entanglement, those other ones whose names escape me right now. Today folks, is another one of these days. You must play UpBot Goes Up.

UpBot Goes Up is a simple puzzle game. But when it comes to games of that genre, that is a positive thing. Here are mechanics that barely require explanation, being twisted to fit new problems. A simple mechanic twisted in all sorts of different directions - figuratively and literally.

It's a tough cookie to explain, but I'll give it a shot. UpBot Goes Up requires you to move pieces around a board - but each bot can only go in one direction. It's your job to move each piece in the right direction, in the right order, so that each bot can reach a specified location in the board.

Sounds dull, but this game is awesome - try it.

UpBot Goes Up [Kongregate]


    Fun little game! Stylish, easy to understand, very nice.

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