Madden Gets In Trouble For Outing A Team’s New Uniform

Madden Gets In Trouble For Outing A Team’s New Uniform

EA Sports recently uploaded – then quickly yanked – a YouTube video teasing Madden NFL 12 Madden junkies love to pick these things apart for clues about this year’s new features. In so doing, they also found the Buffalo Bills’ new uniforms – a design not yet announced.

You can see it in that image, it’s a semi-throwback to the threads worn in the days when O.J. Simpson was hurdling baggage carts and not murdering his wife. The helmet reverts to white but keeps the Atomic Flea design, so it’s not an AFL-mode skin. Indeed, ESPN’s Tim Graham confirmed the design is next year’s standard uniform.

Today, Phil Frazier, the Madden executive producer, tweeted that the EA Tiburon team showed the NFL the game’s latest build. “Also had to answer tough questions on prematurely revealing a team’s new jersey,” he said.

I’m not sure what the questions or the answers could be, other than a Troy Polamalu Head N’ Shoulders-style “Did you leak the Bills uniforms?” “No.” “Did you leak the Bills uniforms?” “Yes.”

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