Magicka: Vietnam Dated, Blindfolded, Taken Out Back And Screen-Shot

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios have put an April 14 date on the downloadable content no one saw coming, celebrating the impending release of Magicka: Vietnam with the screenshots everyone will want to see.

The sight of robed wizards making their way through the rice paddies of Vietnam should not warm my heart, yet it does. Such visions will become much clearer come April 14, when Magicka's Vietnam expansion becomes available for $US4.99 on all major digital distribution channels, including Steam and the other ones.

As an added bonus, only one player needs to own the downloadable content in order for up to three to team up in multiplayer, so keep that in mind when deciding which friend gets to lay down a fiver.


    Vatican... Warlock Assassin?

    April Fools?

      Hell no, this stuff is real. And I want it!

        Yays! A respectable date and price!... now if only the bathrobe DLC would get a bit cheaper as well :p

        I'M A MAGIC COW!
        Yea that song in the trailer is pretty addictive.

    It really is. I want a full length version, I'd buy it on iTunes no problem.

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