Making A Point About The Pointlessness Of Unboxing Videos

Having done only one unboxing - and it was of fried chicken - I feel I may post this video without it being an overt display of my hypocrisy.

Unboxing videos have always struck me like childbirth videos, albeit without the blood, umbilical cord, placenta, etc. As YouTube's Cool Gear Reviews notes, they're exciting only to the person filming them, and packed with details I could live without knowing.

Let's End Unboxing Videos [YouTube]


    Very nicely done!

    I don't understand what people have against un-boxing videos. Some of them are interesting and useful, for instance I liked to watch the Halo Reach Legendary Edition un-boxing so you could see what came with it and what the quality of the items was.

    I think the people that buy limited editions without actually seeing what they are getting are more foolish.

    "Unboxing videos have always struck me like childbirth videos, albeit without the blood, umbilical cord, placenta..."

    Yes but at least with Child birth, the placenta doesn't get camera focus for 1/3rd of the entire video.

    I disagree. Unboxing videos often get me pumped up. I also like to know exactly what's in the box - especially with collectors editions.

    This isn't even counting those 'gem' unboxing videos, such as:

    However, I thought that this video was pretty funny!

    yeh disagree. unboxing videos are cool

    Personally I dont watch unboxing VIDEOS, but I like to read unboxing threads about hardware; as has been said its good to see what extra gear comes with it.

    i think this is very true no passion

    Fair point, if the critique is that unboxing videos are badly-done product reviews. Irrelevant, considering an unboxing video is meant to allow a viewer to see what exactly comes with the product they may purchase "in the box". Any additional comments are just that...comments made in addition to and while unboxing said product.

    Besides, if you don't like them. Don't watch them. Simple, effective and non sarcastic.

    A few people are missing the point. It's one persons opinion and it's hilariously told. Plus I agree. Ign do unboxing vids for ANYTHING.

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