Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Over Scarface: The World Is Yours

22-year-old Alejandro Garcia of Corpus Christi, Texas, will spend the next 15 to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to the 2007 shooting death of his younger cousin over whose turn it was to play Scarface: The World is Yours.

Garcia and his then 17-year-old cousin George Flores were taking turns playing Scarface: The World is Yours, Radical Entertainment's video game sequel to the classic 1983 film in which Al Pacino stars as a Cuban refugee turned drug kingpin with a vicious violent streak.

The cousins and at least two other teens were reportedly smoking marijuana, drinking, and playing the game when an argument started over whose turn it was to play. The argument ended with Flores shot in the head at close range.

Garcia surrendered to authorities in June, nearly three years after the incident occurred.

Yesterday Garcia plead guilty to the shooting. A plea bargain earned him 30 years in prison, with a possibility of parole after 15.

Man pleads guilty, will serve 30 years for shooting death of his cousin [The Caller]


    Shooting someone over whos trun it is at a game - now thats insane...

    Unfortunately, I can see this story being used as R18+ fodder, even though the incident is unlikely to have anything to do with the content of the game.

      scarface the world is yours was released in australa under ma15+

      "even though the incident is unlikely to have anything to do with the content of the game."

      Yeah, I see no parallels to immigration and crime as portrayed in the game.

    I attempted to play the PC version of this game, after which I definitely needed to be convinced not to kill somebody.

    Corpus Christi is such an awesome name

    While I still think it's safe to say that violent games don't cause violence, we can't exactly say there's no correlation. It appears that violent psychopathic scum like this are drawn to play violent games like Scarface.

    that game really sucked i would want to kill if i played it again.

    On my personal thoughts I've always thought Al Pacino looked like my Dad. The media is always so twisted like in any situation on television or the who said she said crap in life. just always oppinions n thoughts put into any story of what morons assume. I myself don't know the actual story but all I can say is live ur life keep ur thoughts 2 urself. U don't have 2 b putting it out 4 the world 2 see. cuz either way u hurt both sides of the families with ur thoughts cuz ur either 4 or against the situation.The key word is God that's what this world needs more teachings of what he expects of us n why his son was hear on earth 4 maybe if we all knew more about him.The world wouldn't b what it is today.

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