Mass Effect Gets The Anime Treatment In 2012

Much like Dragon Age: Origins before it, EA and BioWare are teaming up with FUNimation Entertainment to create an anime feature film based on the Mass Effect series. Production has begun, with digital and home releases planned for 2012.


    But...but...but...we don't get to see Shepherd being a jerk :P

    I guess they'll use default Shepherd who I have to see is one ugly guy

      Hopefully it won't be about Shepard

      A longer article I read just then confirmed it won't be about Shepard.

      Other stories set in the same universe, apparently.

    Paragon or renegade?


    So long as it has reporters getting punched all will be well.

    Another western franchise being shitted up by anime?

    Oh god, make it stop!

    Did the marketing departments of the game publishers not get the memo that the anime craze is dead and anime companies are dropping like flies?

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