Mass Effect's Normandy Has A New Coat Of Paint

Now that Commander Shepard really has to save the galaxy, swanning about the outer reaches of space in a ship belonging to a shady group of thugs just isn't going to cut it.

As we can see in this new toy from Dark Horse, the Normandy is now sporting the livery of the Systems Alliance, and looks far more...militaristic as a result.

The replica Normandy, which is just over 6 inches long, will ship in October (perhaps alongside the game?). It'll go for $US35.

[thanks James!]


    Well, we're back in the Alliance alright.

    And I was just getting used to the Normandy 2's orange Cerberus livery too..


    I wonder how they're going to plausibly write Shepard back into the Alliance? Especially if players were a jerk to the Alliance throughout ME2 or supported Cerberus.

    Still, can't wait.

      Same way they wrote the rest of the story - poorly.

      They'll probably retcon it so the alliance now recognised Cerberus for the great heroes they really are and want to make Cerberus an official part of the government. Since you saved Cerberus, it turns out they died between games and your stuck with the reapers now, though.

      ...I might still be cut about how they killed the girl I saved in ME1.

    Or is it just a cunning plot by the Illusive Man to avoid having to pay the space rego on the ship by making it look like it belongs to someone else?

    I hope that is what the normandy looks like before they paint it, and what is with all the lines on it, I think they should just replace alliance blue where their is cerberus orange because the normandy just looks dual with only gray on it

    I wish they had more of the ships from the Mass Effect series for sale, it would make one hell of a collection!

      Someone on the Mass Effect forums built a four foot replica of one... it looked bloody awesome.

        As discussed...


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