Meet Doctor Lautrec, Konami’s 3DS Answer To Professor Layton

Meet Doctor Lautrec, Konami’s 3DS Answer To Professor Layton

With an older, learned gentleman in a silly hat determined to solve mysteries alongside his young assistant, Konami’s Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights for the Nintendo 3DS could easily be confused with Nintendo’s Professor Layton at first glance. Let’s look a little deeper.

It’s impossible not to compare Konami’s upcoming 3DS game with Level-5’s acclaimed series of Nintendo DS puzzle games, but once you look past the similar themes, character dynamics, and graphic style in Doctor Lautrec there seems to be a bit more to the gameplay that solving riddles.

While we’re only given a brief flash of the gameplay in this first trailer for the game, the exploration elements and 3D animated cut scenes certainly set the game apart. You’ll still be solving puzzles and riddles, but you’ll be able to scrutinize objects from all directions using the Nintendo handheld’s 3D capabilities, upping Layton’s game with an additional dimension.

Doctor Lautrec and his assistant Sophie’s quest to uncover the treasure of Louis XIV kicks off this (northern) summer on the Nintendo 3DS.


  • I know imitation is rife in the games industry, but I’m truly shocked at how blatant the ripoffs of Professor Layton are (Henry Hatsworth? Really?). This game is doing the same. At least make the lead character something different

  • Some could say this is a Layton ripoff, but to be honest… This looks better 😛

    Not to mention though, that you could easily say Layton is a ripoff of Sherlock Holmes, or that this Lautrec fellow is a ripoff of Indiana Jones.

    There’s a good tvtropes article about this which I can’t remember the title of, but basically started saying that everything now is a product of all of humanity, and that everything is inspired or uses unoriginal technology from someone else 😉

  • Layton’s hat: Check
    Layton’s sidekick: Check (but a girl!)
    Layton’s car: check
    Layton’s similar European city: check
    Layton’s motto: Check (worded slightly differently)

    How about coming up with something original? This is asinine.

    Christian, this looks better? Get your eyes checked, please!

    • Hah! I agree with you, Chris. Even though I am slightly interested in this game, it will not and cannot compare to Professor Layton

      Regardless the fact that you can do a little more than just solving puzzles…
      I mean on top of what you said in your list of comparing the doctor to the professor, Doctor Lautrec is said to be an Archaeologist just like Professor Layton… I don’t know.. I respect the game in a sense that it’s sliiiightly different to Professor Layton where you can actually walk around towns and such but… I mean I guess I liked the character models in the professor Layton series way better. Eh I just really dislike the similarities between the two… I would like this game a whole lot more if it were to be a little more original.. Maybe not character status wise and the concept of the game but AT LEAST the character models should be a little different… Professor Layton and Luke Triton is like Doctor Lautrec and Sophie… C’mon now :/ ….

  • Okay so like, if they’re going to put all their effort into making a game, why NOT come up with something original instead of going with someone else’s idea just because it’s successful…

    And I don’t like the sound of that description; you make it sound like you’re bagging out the good professor.

    There’s no doubt I WILL play this and judge it, but seriously, I’d like something new, thanks.

    *sips tea*

    • I noticed Jean but I can’t believe I didn’t recognize Paul! There’s definitely some issues with this…. I’m surprised this wasn’t against the law due to copy write…

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