Meet The 'Babes' Of Duke Nukem Forever

One of these jiggling, scantily clad laides may be the "babe" you'll be slapping on the keister in Duke Nukem Forever's "Capture The Babe" mode. So why not familiarise yourself with the various fetishes and archetypes of the game's fairer sex.

Yes, there are schoolgirls and strippers and even girls wearing cat ears. Yes, Duke will presumably have ample blowjobs bestowed upon him by the women of Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, someone is going to be offended (by design) by Gearbox Software and 3D Realms.

Even with the mosaic applied to dancer breasts in this "Babes" video, consider this look at the upcoming PS3, PC and Xbox 360 game NSFW.


    look at those hot babes

    Jesus, please make this come here without the pixelation

      Nah, they won't pixelate it, they'll just replace the "naughty parts" with julia gillard's face....

    Love the asterisk.

    I swear this is what happens at Charlie Sheen's house.

    there's a glory hole in this game.... just so you all know

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