Michael Jackson’s Golden Game Boy Is Only $75!

Michael Jackson’s Golden Game Boy Is Only $75!

According to the bill of sale, this Game Boy was owned by Michael Jackson. He used it to court Macaulay Culkin. Culkin even set Tetris records on it. So $US75 to call it your own is quite a steal!

Or, it would were that actually the story behind this golden Game Boy, but it’s not. It’s just a very creative sales pitch from the people at “Shit Painted Gold”, who will sell you, well…you get the idea.

This Golden Gameboy was once owned by none other than Michael Jackson. He used it to gain a profitable friendship with none other than Macaulay Culkin. rumour has it that Culkin achieved the highest score in Tetris on this exact Gameboy. Unfortunately, the Tetris cartridge is still missing.

note: this Golden Gameboy can/will play games that are not made of gold.

If you’ve already got a Game Boy, or find $US75 a bit steep, you could always buy a one-of-a-kind AT-ST-G walker from Star Wars.

The AT-ST-G was the pride of the empire. Storm Troopers relished in watching the golden machine of death squash stupid defenseless ewoks. It was told that even the Emperor himself chuckled at the thought of killing ewoks.

[Shit Painted Gold]


  • If I may make a suggestion…

    Saying Michael Jackson used the game boy to “court” Macauly Kulkin is not the best choice of language (for reasons which should be obvious given the criminal charges Jackson faced during his life).

    Perhaps saying “He gave it as a gift to Macauly Kulkin” would be more appropriate?

    • It’s appropriate if it was true, but given that the claims have been dropped and the late Mr.Jackson walked away a free man, it becomes inappropriate.

    • Actually, I think it was only ever civil charges, not criminal.

      Aside from that, anyone else find it interesting that as soon as he died, all of that seemed forgiven or forgotten?

      • And so it should have been forgiven and forgotten, both the FBI and the families that accused Michael of such disgusting things, came out and said that they were in it for financial gain that they wanted to frame Michael, confirming that he was completely innocent. That and the FBI just plain don’t like any African-American that is successful.

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