Minecraft Goes An Update: Adds Wolves And Cookies

Minecraft has now moved up to version 1.4 - adding wolves, which are tameable. That's it! [Snaps copy of Nintendogs+cats in half, and stomps all over 3DS]I'm playing Minecraft again.

The wolves are initially neutral and will not attack, but if you continue to feed them bones they will follow you and help you out. Here is a handy tutorial on how to tame those cute little buggers.

You can check another vid of the Wolves in action. Fun fact: when they get out of the water they shake, and it's adorable.


    Is it just me or does everyone else not trust a single god damn thing printed today? Even if there was copius amounts of evidence for it before?

      I'm not trusting Australian things today, but if it's US you can trust those ones today, just not tomorrow.
      I hate April Fool's Day. I'm too gullible.

        How do you think I feel - I'm shitting myself about picking up some bullshit story and looking like an idiot.

          just add april fools tags to everything :P

          How do you think we feel? You're the writer for this site, we trust the news you bring us... Perhaps you want to make up your own story for your own private laugh!... How can we trust what you say today?

          Just remember, stay away from EGM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EGM_April_Fools'_jokes :P

            indeed but to be pranked by them now probably means you should be shot since they no longer exsist :P

    i saw the update with the yogscast putting up a video, simon going 'aww' at their tamed wolf that looks just like a dog :3

    I have to say in all my insomniac glory its true i played it just after it went live haven't tamed a wolf but heard there barking off in the distance...

    COOL! Will these be on our multiplayer server FatShady??? I need a team of dogs to team apart some creepers.

      From what I heard, the only mob that wolves won't attack are creepers.

      I'm guessing it's to prevent players losing their adorabubble pets to a roaming creeper.

    Last year you had jizz in your pants waiting for the 3DS and now you own one for a week, your stomping on the thing.

    I understand the launch games are pissweak but my question is, (wrong section i know, but will ask anyway)

    As gamers, do we/you spend too much time reading (or writing) about new games and consoles that when they finally come out we/you are already half sick of them? Your thoughts.

    FIDDLESTICKS!!!!!!!1... roflraptor?

    The wolf is fair dinkum, it was on Notches blog.

    That said, they look pretty cute, if useless. I'm sure the wild ones will probably be just another enemy mob out to kill me!

    "I’m playing Minecraft again"

    You stopped?! :o

    I'll be playing the Darkspore beta, Dragon Age: Origins (I have been playing this almost every night for 2 weeks and still haven't finished it), and after I'm done with both of them I'll play some more Crysis 2.

      Ahh, dammit! I had both the "What are you playing this weekend" article and this one open at the same time. I got distracted by a co-worker, and ended up typing this message into the wrong window!

      Please ignore...

    The only downside is having to wait for the server wrappers and mods to update before I can get this up and going on my server

    April fools day.

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