Minecraft Is Getting Mods

It may seem a little unnecessary for a game all about building stuff to need its own mod tools, but mod tools are exactly what indie smash hit Minecraft is getting.

Getting hold of the necessary tools will cost you nothing, but you sign up knowing that the actual Minecraft has the right to use your ideas in the full game should it turn out to be a suitably awesome idea.

Any mods created will only be playable by those who have the full, paid version of Minecraft, and they can't be sold unless a licensing deal is worked out between the mod's creators and Minecraft developers Mojang.

You can read all about the nitty gritty at the link below.

The plan for mods [Notch]


    This dosent make sence too me,

    From what i gather mod developers have to buy a one off licence to release there mods, when people have been doing upto now for free?

    i could understand if the mod creators were getting any revenue off this licence, but that dosent look like its going to happen.. so, notch just suddenly wants people to pay to make mods to compliment his game?

      Notch recently restated that they will not charge anything anymore. It's now simply the same as he stated in the above post for free. If that makes any more sense.

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