Modern Warfare Actor Arrested, Charged With Hitting His Wife

Modern Warfare Actor Arrested, Charged With Hitting His Wife

British TV star Billy Murray – who many of you will recognise as the voice of Captain Price in the Modern Warfare series – has been arrested in the UK and charged with assault after allegedly attacking both his wife and daughter.

The 69-year-old, who is famous in Britain for his roles on long-running police drama The Bill and soap opera Eastenders, was arrested at his apartment in Essex, England last week and charged with assaulting his wife and 27 year-old daughter.

There are no further details other than the fact he will appear in court next month.

Murray has played the role of heroic/maniacal Captain Price in both Modern Warfare games.

Ex-soap star accused of wife attack [Yahoo – thanks SolidGoldChimp!]


  • I hope the judge orders him to do modern warfare three so we all get some closer on the war. I also hope the judge order number three to be the last modern warfare game.

  • I think its pretty obvious that he became violent due to contact with video games.

    We need to ban everything for the safety of wives everywhere.

    • Or maybe it was his violence that subtly influenced the game development team to make their game violent therefore video games aren’t violent and don’t spread violence. Rather Billy Murray causes everyone to be violent, bastard 😀
      Im going to go beat my family now

    • Really? He attacked his wife and daughter because he played a video game player? Wow, gee wiz that must be why thousands of murders kill!!! They must play a game of Call of Duty and think “Damn, this makes me want to kill everyone I’m thirsty for some fucking blood man!” When I play Call of Duty I don’t get off and start going on a rampage I return to normal life….as a fucking SANE person. The people who jump to the conclusion of video games make people become violent are idiots, thats almost saying they’re innocent for what they did, that sounds like a sad excuse the killer would say. *Judge*”Uhm…they defendent may now make his defense.” *Killer* “Your honor, I am not a violent man. I didn’t kill in anger nor hate. I was playing Mw2 and was OWNING so much and got a nuke. So…I was so excited and pumped that I want to get a killstreak in real life. So I ran into my kitchen and threw a tomahawk at my wife and daughter.” *Judge* “Oh ahaha I DO THAT ALLLLLL THE TIME MAN! Its those damn video games! Aha Im sorry sir, your free to go. Lets ban games! That will fix all this damn violence!”

      • obviously you’re being sarcastic, either that or you haven’t realised that the OP is.

        Lighten up it’s Friday.

  • The irony of his adverts being about injury accident helpline then he hits his wife and daughter… Billy Murray we thought better of you.

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