More Sonic Generations, More Hopes Raised

And so the cycle starts anew. Sonic Generations lets players play as a classic, sidescrolling Genesis Sonic or as modern, control-him-from-behind-in-3D Sonic. As Kotaku previously pointed out, there are no special powers and no playable friends.

This latest gameplay trailer is a few minutes longer than the debut trailer, so that's a few added minutes to get your hopes up even more. Let's not mess this one up, Team Sonic!

Sonic Generations will be out on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 this Australian summer.

【Multi】『ソニック ジェネレーションズ』ゲームプレイムービー [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


    Yeah wow this looks awesome, can't wait. It actually looks better than Sonic 4 ep 1. BTW, where is episode 2?

    No, the Sonic Cycle has not started anew because Sonic Colors broke the Sonic Cycle. It showed and delivered. Sonic Generations not only has hope to be a good Sonic Game, but it will be a good Sonic Game. Gameplay is spot on with both Modern and Classic Sonic, the music is outstanding so far, and the graphics, you already know this answer. The only thing that will make this perfect is a really good storyline. Not only do I recommend this game to every, but I insist that people buy this because something like this only comes once in a while.

    What can I say, the modern Sonic Team is starting to get the picture. Still not as good as Sonic Fan Remix though... and wow they finally gave up that shitty homing attack in the 2.5D version! The 3D versions are still not as good as Sonic Adventure 1 & 2's, which played excellently with some skill!

    The homing attack gone in side scroller mode?! *sheds a tear* It's beautiful!

    I'm on board and looking forward to this.

    But Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 on the ol' Mega Drive where two of my favourite games. Now Sonic 2 added Tails, so you could play with two people (Much better than Super Mario Bros Wii) and that was great. Sonic 3 tails could help you explore, it added saves and it added new shields, like the fireball shield and the bounce shield.

    Where Sonic Ep 4 seemed to go wrong was it was Sonic 1 part 2, where as looking at say Super Mario Bros Wii although bumping into each all the time sucked, they took the formula of Mario 1, 3 and World and built upon it.

    I got Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles. I want a new game laid on the foundation of the old game. And yes I need to check out colours.

    One thing I hate about this footage is that like sonic 4 episode 1, you are panned in too close to the action. You can barely see anything ahead or behind you. Around the 00:54 mark is how it should be. The modern sonic section is just lame.

    I'd hate it say it, as it gets said every time there's a new Sonic game, but it looks like Sega is finally figuring out how to make a good Sonic game. The 2D mode is almost perfect, and changing Sonic's character design to be that of the 90s version is the icing on the cake that really says "we want this game to look and feel like Mega Drive Sonic".

    I'm less fussed on 3D mode sonic, but it looks like the game's controls are still 2D (though side-to-side instead of forward and back), so it should control similarly to classic Sonic hopefully.

    The only major flaw I can see is they're still using that homing attack. Why? That was only added since hitting a target was difficult to do when Sonic moved to full-roaming 3D. It was added out of necessity, to make the game a little easier to play. Since this game looks to be on-rails, it shouldn't be needed anymore. Also voice, Sonic should never make a sound, but in 3D mode he's whooping away with every move he makes. Arugh.

    You can shut up the "voice actors" and play it like the old school Megadrive era, complete with faithfully recreated sounds in Surround?


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