MORE Super Meat Boy Respects Must Be Paid!

Earlier today we posted a video of an insane Super Meat Boy run through The Kid's levels. Well, I think this guy may have just topped it...


    Wish I had any patience at all to even attempt that.

    f**kin amazing :O

    Thanks to the potato sack, I just discovered Super Meat Boy today and I now realise how absolutely insane these videos are.
    Mind = blown.
    Kudos, Mr Serrels.

    There is no way in hell I'd be able to do that. Bravo mysterious stranger.

    I especially commend him for the moving gravity/pulse ball level, I had probably some of the most trouble with that section of the game.

    Holy crap. I couldn't even keep track of the hazards this guy avoided.

      I got this cheap on Steam and have to admit that I suck REALLY bad at it, and these videos are just completely depressing and awesome.

    Exclamations of rage were breaking out from serrurier serrurier paris serrurier explore anotherpassage.

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