Mullets Finally Come To Team Fortress 2

Hat enthusiasts get a minor but noteworthy new update for Team Fortress 2 today: the option to apply a flowing mullet to the Engineer class with the "Big Country" wearable item. Nine pieces of headgear, including googly eyes for the Pyro and a detective's cap for the Spy, are joined by one teddy bear.

If you like your Team Fortress 2 accessories made by the community and served ten at a time, fire up Steam and head to the Mann Co. store.


    So, can we get the engineer renamed to MacGuyver?

      Not until they re-skin the sentry gun to be made of toilet rolls and duct tape.

        Oh please please please make this happen, Eternal Video Game Gods.

      give him a blonde handlebar, and i reckon he'd be Hulk Hogan's twin (midget) brother.

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