NCAA Football Radios In For Artillery Help

NCAA Football Radios In For Artillery Help

Several weeks back we mentioned NCAA Football 12’s developers were looking for some crowdsourced research on where the bands sit at all 120 college football stadiums. Now they need to know if your alma mater fires a cannon at the games and, if so, what type.

The game is bringing in cannons this year – or, I should say, bringing them back, because I vaguely recall cannon volley animations after touchdowns in the venerated NCAA Football 2004. The designers need to know which of the 120 schools fire a cannon, of those, whether that cannon is located inside the stadium, whether it fires after every score, and finally if it is of the “western style” (with a wagon-wheel caisson) or if it’s “modern military.”

Check the list at the link and, if your alma mater or favourite school is blank, chip in with what you know.

Help Shape NCAA Football 12: Cannons [The Gaming Tailgate]


  • Oops, I forgot i was reading about a video game about american football for a minute…

    Surely these devs should be working on the countless issues wrong with the existing animation to physics to everything else.

    When you release yearly games i guess this is just easier than fixing the core of your gameplay.

    Not a fanboy rant specifically, but check out Youtube for all of the ball morphing and tackle animation issues.

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