New Fighters In Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition DLC

The console version of Super Street Fighter IV catches up with its arcade counterpart with the Arcade Edition downloadable content, delivering four new challengers to Capcom's fight fest and a whole lot more.

Street Fighter fans have been eagerly awaiting news about how Capcom was planning on adding the four new characters in the Japanese arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV - Street Fighter III's Yun and Yang, Evil Ryu, and the all-new Oni - into the console version. Well here's their answer.

The massive Arcade Edition DLC will bring all four new characters to the console ring, but that's not all. It will also incorporate the character balancing implemented in the arcade version of the game, an enhanced replay channel that lets players send replay data to other players, and an Elite Channel that lets you browse the replays of players with a PP of over 3000.

This video originally appeared on, but was taken down by Capcom. ConsoleTECH has since uploaded a new version. We've archived it here, just in case.

Super Street Fighter IV: AE Launch Trailer [ via EventHubs - Thanks Jon!]


    Damn.. I hate the videos posted in this format.. I press Play, and nothing happens :\ Even if I wait half an hour... NOTHING!!!!

    Will these characters ever come to the 3DS version?

    Oni looks like a replacement for Shin Akuma. Once again, Capcom can has my monies.

    seeing as it cost $5 for a single dlc character in Marvel Capcom 3, I'd hate to see how much this is gonna cost....

    is that....Vegeta's voice??
    omg! its over 9000!

    How much???

    Ok, lemme get this right? They release extra characters for Super Street Fighter IV but couldn't do this for regular Street Fighter IV to make it Super Street Fighter 4 as a DLC package?

    If Relic can pull this shit off with Dawn of War and Company of Heroes with all their expansions/stand alone games why the hell couldn't Crapcam manage it? Oh that's right. Double dipping.

      I'm assuming they didn't code the original game to do more than add an extra character or 2 as well as more moves etc.

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