New Harvest Moon Coming To 3DS (And DS)

New Harvest Moon Coming To 3DS (And DS)

Before there was FarmVille (ugh), there was Harvest Moon (yay). The newest entry in the farm sim series, Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, is headed for the DS and 3DS. [via GameSpot]


  • One of the first times I saw someone playing farmville (from across the room) I thought they were playing harvest moon. I was shocked and surprised as the person playing it is about as non-gamer as you can get. Then I took a closer look.

  • Harvest Moon 3 remains to this day one of my favourite games of all time. I’ve never been able to explain to a single person just what it is about it, but it’s magic. I’ve actually been meaning to buy some sort of gameboy that i can play them all on, guess it’ll have to be a 3DS for this new one. Are DS/3DSs backwards compatible?

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