New Metal Gear Solid Figures Sneak Out

Besides making Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, Square Enix also makes plastic figures under its Play Arts brand. And this summer, it's releasing more Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Play Arts figurines.

There's Peace Walker character Kazuhira Miller as well as a Snake Battle Dress version. Each is ¥5040 ($61). If you do decide to get both, it's possible to mix-and-match certain parts, resulting in a "Kazuhira Miller Battle Dress version".


    ...what's with the "thunder thighs" figure? The only thing you could do is make your enemy laugh to death as they watch you waddle across the battlefield.

    Those are SOME thighs, may as well be Chun-Li under there
    Still, they're pretty nice if a little pricey, with any luck there will be another series

    Where do I acquire these...

    Haha, I was thinking this aswell. I just put it down to overpadding in the armor.

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