New NeverDead Screens Are Under Construction

Konami offers a new look at the dismemberment-focused action adventure NeverDead today, this time featuring a level that looks a little brighter, a little unfinished. Look at all those tarps and that scaffolding!

NeverDead is currently in development at Konami and Rebellion Developments. If you don't know that about this PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game, maybe you should catch up on what producer and designer Shinta Nojiri has planned for this unique shoot 'em up right here.

You can expect NeverDead to hit late 2011. Until then, screenshots ahoy.


    After Squeenix killed Gun Loco its time for Konami to step up and cancel this one I guess! :p

    'You're right hand comes off?!'

    I remember reading about this yonks ago! Looks cool

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