Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor

Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor

Today in Japan, Nintendo confirmed the Wii’s successor. The still unnamed console will be revealed at this year’s E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles this June.

There will also be a playable version of the console at E3 as well as more details about the machine.

The new console will go on sale in 2012, said Nintendo in an official statement.

This console, believed to be code-named “Project Cafe”, is rumoured to be a powerful console, boasting bigger and badder specifications than either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It’s also suspected of using a novel controller interface which marries a traditional d-pad-and-buttons scheme with a large touch-screen input.


  • Lets avoid making it a gimmicky paperweight this time round, ok?

    How about something 3rd parties will support and can compete with Sony and Microsoft.

    Also, some non-retarded online.

      • The Wii was no competition for the Ps3/XBOX360, it targeted a completely different Gamertype.
        Heck, even Nintendo said, they didn´t want to compete with Sony and Microsoft.
        But with this console it is rumored that they want the “hardcore” gamer again to play on their console.
        I hope they won´t fuck it up.

        • It was actually Microsoft and Sony that said they didn’t want to compete/weren’t in competition with Nintendo.

          I’m an avid gamer, and owner of all three consoles, a 3DS, and a PC. I still remain a Nintendo fan. Nintendo have never been afraid to try something new, and Sony has never been afraid to turn around and shamelessly copy any innovation that they come up with. If it weren’t for Nintendo, console gaming wouldn’t be what it is today, and we owe them thanks, even just for that much.

          I’ll be the first to admit that i’d like Nintendo to take a more adult approach to some of their franchises. But in regards to new and interesting ways to enjoy gaming, they are second to none.

    • Good idea, clearly there was no market for that gimmicky paperweight – they really didn’t sell very many of them in the end. Worse still, the ones they did sell ended up being used to play first party games. It’s almost like they wanted to make money by creating innovative products and designing fantastic games. They should definitely put you in charge for the next console, these guys don’t know what they are doing..

      • popularity =/= quality.

        Just because it sold a fuckload doesn’t mean everyone will be fooled again. I’ve met a tonne of people who bought a wii and within 6 months had stopped playing it due to the lack of decent games (have fun with babysitting mama) and crappy waggle gimmicks.

        First party games are fine but these days you need to have some decent third party support to shift your console, the wii never had that.

        Wii? innovative? Don’t think so tim, all it did was flood the market with motion control.

        • I don’t think it did flood the market with motion control though, I think the wii hugely expanded the market of people that buy and play video games – and one way to do it was to make the control schemes less intimidating. Their innovation was the realisation that video gaming had become niche again through the 90’s. “hardcore gamerz” have been worried ever since that their special little domain of gaming is suddenly becoming less special – which is exactly how it should be, a return to the 80’s!

      • I challenge you to name a non-nintendo wii title that could be considered hardcore and which sold in similar number to one of the xbox or ps3’s “blockbuster” title (halo,killzone etc).

        I can’t think of anything.

        I bought on release day and appart froom the first month with zelda i have probably played a combined total of 60 hours in the last 4 years, mostly mario galaxy and donkey kong country returns. I’ve spent more time with my SNES in that time. I think i own 2 non-nintendo titles, both bought as birthday presents.

        The Wii Summed Up
        Innovation = WIN!
        Sales = WIN!
        Ability to keep long term fans engaged past the obligatory zelda and mario games = Fail
        Ability to attract great thirdparty titles that aren’t dodgy ports = Epic FAIL
        Ability to make me even consider multiplayer for longer than a it takes to say “nah, forget that” = Epic super-nova of anguish to the face style FAIL!

        • There are none, but why does there need to be one? Christ the last thing the world needs is another halo or killzone – When was the last ‘blockbuster’ game remotely interesting? The last thing I want is a version of the same crap but with its fancy graphics buffed off.

          Apart from resident evil on the GC I haven’t really been interested in a non-first party game on a nintendo console back to the snes. I think its a been real let down from nintendo not to keep them coming over the life of the wii though, its definitely been a drought for years.

          Gamers have such trouble trying to understand the characteristics of the wii – whilst the multiplayer is awkward and annoying for gamers like you and me, for 10’s of millions of families the friend code system is perfect. What I’d like to see is an option for both types of system in their future console so we can enjoy multiplayer without the hassle.

  • I am interested in seeing what this looks like but i find it a bit hard to believe that it will be more powerful then the PS3 and 360.

    • You don’t know enough about console development to find it hard to believe, you do realise that the challenge in making a console isn’t in how powerful you make it but how cost efficient the machine and peripherals are, as well as the technology used.

      Consoles are a lot more complex than just a power level contest.

    • well, xbox 360 and ps3 are 5 or 6 years old. considering that it isn’t very hard to make a console with better hardware nowadays.

    • The 360 and ps3 are incredibly old by hardware standards. It shouldn’t be at all hard to believe something released more than 3 years after something else is more powerful. Do you find it hard to believe the wii is more powerful than ps2?

  • Considering it is following the Wii, I think it appropiate that it be named the Powerful Nintendo Entertainment System. Or, P-Nes for short.

    Yeah, I’ll grow up one day. Just not this day.

  • If an HD zelda trailer is presented where Link and Ganon are fighting ontop of ganon’s tower and its raining and stuff…
    I will actually eat my pants and put it on youtube. Im not kidding.

    • Im quite intrigued in what tactic you’ll take, will you chop it off and serve yourself on a silver platter or try to throw both your legs behind your head.

  • Interesting. If it does go on sale in 2012, that’d be quite early really. Long before MS & Sony has there new machine out.

    Perhaps they think theres little hope of gaining more market-share & profits with Wii since Kinect/Move is out.

    I can’t think of many Wii games I really did enjoy. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Galaxy 2 (just Galaxy 1.5), Metroid Other M, Punch-Out, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 among the few.

    Not quite sold yet on the touchscreen on controller idea. Might come in useful for an Okami game though.

  • Oh hell yeah! This just made my day!
    The idea of a Nintendo console in the same league as a ps3 or better gets me all excited like the n64 launch again!
    Haters go to hell, if this console is as good as rumors suggest youll all end getting one too;)
    Bring this shit on!

  • as long as they dont show us something like the zelda tech demo back for gamecube in 2000 and end up delivering cel shaded crap instead….

    also, skyrim for new nintendo plzkthx

    • You mean tease us with some boring looking scene then surprise us by delivering one of the most visually impressive games of all time? Yeah that’d be terrible…

  • WOW! Bigger and Badder specifications than either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3!? WOW! Five year old hardware at release! Awesome!

  • I wonder if I’ll buy it on a whim, get bored, and sell it for a profit on ebay (thankyou supply shortages!) a month later like I did with the wii…

  • It’s perfect timing from Nintendo. MS and Sony are committed to their respective motion control systems – they are obliged to stay in this gen for another couple of years to simply recoup investment costs.

    Meanwhile, N uses its warchest to make the first move. It will be fascinating to see what kind of spin MS and Sony put on their responses.

  • Having better graphics then the Xbox 360 and the PS3 really isn’t that bigger deal. But it is still good to see Nintendo becoming less casual and more core.

    And Nintendo please get rid of those stupid Wii Friend Codes!

  • I am glad Nintendo have finally confirmed this console but I think that they will hold fire on anything more till E3 to keep everyone else guessing. Could we see a new Nintendo console this side of Christmas?

  • “More powerful than the PS3” doesn’t mean shit when it’s coming out at the tail end of the PS3’s product cycle (which has been around for 5 years). By that standard, by the time the PS4/next360 ship, the Wii 2 will look horrible. Just as how the Wii’s graphics look godawful now.

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