Nintendo Printing… Less Money

Nintendo Printing… Less Money

When times were good for Nintendo, it was said the DS printed money. The 3DS doesn’t seem to be doing that. Nintendo’s stock prices continue to fall, dropping 17 per cent in the US market since February and certainly not printing money for stock holders. [via Next-Gen]


  • Could the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters have effected the 3ds and nintendo?

    i haved owned a 3ds since the launch day and its been pretty exciting, but i am thinking of selling it and getting something abit more useful, like a new tablet or a half decent digital camera.
    The 3d effect is pretty cool, but usually have it switched off to save the battery and it doesnt help gameplay.

    Boo for nintendo for not launching the E-shop and many other features at the launch of the 3ds and few more killer games!

    its like they launched a half finished product. ;/

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