Nintendo Wants "New Approach" With Wii Successor

With the Wii successor, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, "We would like to propose a new approach to home video game consoles."

However, don't count on a 3D home console like Nintendo's newly released 3D-glasses free portable, the Nintendo 3DS. According to Bloomberg, Iwata said, "It's difficult to make 3-D images a key feature, because 3-D televisions haven't obtained wide acceptance yet."

It doesn't sound like Iwata is making a dig at 3D (and in turn, the 3DS), but just point out the facts: most people still don't own 3D televisions.

Nintendo Forecasts Profit Short of Estimates, Will Offer Next Wii in 2012 [Bloomberg]


    Nintendo said exactly the same thing about HDTV, and by the time Wii was released and the following few years after, HDTV's were wide spread.

    I don't understand why Nintendo sometimes have a lack of forward vision, and build in what will most likely grow.

      The Wii's resolution's fine and it doesn't appear to've impacted sales.

      Blu-Ray media and stereoscopic "3D" are performing dreadfully as well, if you haven't noticed. "3D"'s like a last attempt for the fat cats to get people in to see their Hollywood films at the cinemas before they allow disc sales. Nintendo would be, like Sony, irresponsible to force such a new technology onto consumers that are already showing little acceptance of the conflicting formats (Sony, Sony, Sony).

        -Blu-Rays are not performing dreadfully, they're selling more than ever because they're still considered the gold standard for home cinema and have eclipsed DVD.

        -The Wii's resolution IS bad. But you're right this didn't impact sales. But this is simply because they targeted a demographic that didn't know/care about 1080p (a standard that wasn't as popular then either). The Wii's definitely looking its age.

        -3D content can be digitally distributed. But you're right about the reception being lukewarm. 3D still has obvious problems, whereas HD was a logical and practical step in the right direction with no clear disadvantages.

    I agree with Mr Winston. HD was a clear step forward in picture quality that people were willing to pay for. So far 3D is a mostly a gimmick that doesn't work for everybody, has technical issues and is mostly just not worth the money for anything other than the cool points you get by saying you own it.

    I only know one person with a 3D TV. He watched the blue ray that came with it on the first day and since then the glasses have gathered dust.

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