Nintendo Wants YOU For Their Mario Kart Wii Commercial

Nintendo Wants YOU For Their Mario Kart Wii Commercial

I’ve absolutely no idea why Nintendo are still creating commercials for Mario Kart Wii when almost every active Wii owner on the planet is most like already in possession of a copy, but they’re doing it! And they want you to feature in the ad.

Simply put, Nintendo want to record you playing Mario Kart Wii. According to Nintendo, to participate you have to “grab your family and friends” then head down to either The Nintendo Experience at Swanston Street in Melbourne, or EB Games at Broadway on Bay Street.

Apparently Nintendo camera crews will be filming everyday from April 9 to April 17, from 10am until 5pm. Of course, considering the sheer amount of people coming in and out of the store, it’ll be tough to make the cut. But, according to Nintendo, bringing down a group of four will help increase your odds.

As will dressing completely in white, bringing your grandparents, and possibly a young child with a tasteful haircut – just sayin’. You may also want to implausibly beautiful and flawless in every possible way.

Nintendo Wants YOU For Their Mario Kart Wii Commercial Nintendo Wants YOU For Their Mario Kart Wii Commercial Nintendo Wants YOU For Their Mario Kart Wii Commercial


  • The single player of Mario Kart Wii makes me curse like crazy, so I don’t think I’m what Nintendo is looking for…well it’d be funny if it’s like a continuous beep for 30 seconds I guess.

    The multiplayer is fun, but the single player makes me wanna throw my controller into the tv, then throw the tv into the ocean.

  • I’d be too awesome to be in the ad. I’d make everyone else look bad. I’m sure they’d want to show even competition. Their loss, I guess.

  • Honestly, I wonder if some of these people smile so hard that their faces rip in two once they’re done or something.

  • Will we increase our chances on being in the commercial if you can clearly see in the marketing material that either:

    – controllers not operating
    – tv not on
    – console not connected and/or on

    It’s kind of the law to have one of the above satisfied whenever doing publicity for a console!

      • That pic is awesome, even though it’s completely faked they’ve still got him on the controller wrong! The character on the board is mirrored compared to the kid on the fake controller board thingy. LoL.

        • What about the fact that…

          1) The TV or the DVD player (?) don’t seem to have cables, thus not plugged in anywhere.

          2) The board actually looks like it’s unopened and wrapped in plastic.

          3) The game has no HUD, so it’s obviously not an actual screenshot.

          4) The major one… where is the console? What voodoo magic is this!!! Is the game in the board and sending images to the TV?

  • Trouble is they’ll also no doubt be wanting everyone to use the Wii Wheel which is horrible. Classic Controller all the way.

  • I have no idea why I am even trying to correct you!? My grammar and spelling is atrocious! I even posted in TAY today, and said I was a genios! Lucky for spell checking at the end!
    Does the last sentence make sense? Like, I think it needs the word ‘appear’ or ‘be’ in it? Mind you, I suck at grammar, so, man, shoot I’M GETTING OLD!

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