Nintendo's New Console 'Playable By Everyone' At E3

Nintendo's confirmation this morning that they'll be showing their new console at E3 left many unanswered questions, but also raised a note of scepticism. The company's statement on the Wii successor promises "a playable model" of the machine at E3 in June. But would Nintendo just play it on stage and leave attendees to gawk? No. "Playable means playable by everyone," a spokesperson for Nintendo told Kotaku today. Presumably, "everyone" means "everyone who shows up at E3 and maybe waits on a line or schedules an appointment." We'll be there in June, playing it.


    E3 isn't open to the public this year and tickets are limited to media outlets with a certain amount of circulation this year, right?

    If Wii successor also held in India so many gaming lovers will attend and also they know about this generation different gaming consoles i heard that the next gaming console from Nintendo they will launch it in the summer of 2012 i hope this new console will be the best gaming console among all the gaming consoles and its price will also be reasonable for all the people.

    very good news from Nintendo i hope the new gaming console will have a great features and available all over the world with affordable price with less price so many gaming lovers can buy it and enjoy those games which are now only available for high class people so price should be available for all the people.

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