No Long Wait For L.A. Noire's Pre-order 'Bonuses' To Become DLC

Next week, a trio of Red Dead Redemption's pre-order bonuses - the Deadly Assassin Outfit, the Golden Guns Weapon Pack and the War Horse - will finally be made available as downloadable content via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

If you've been waiting for those digital rewards, you've been waiting for close to year. Rockstar says that won't happen with its next game, L.A. Noire. The 1940s detective adventure is saddled with a quartet of retailer pre-order "exclusives" that include special outfits, cases and other digital goodies.

Rockstar gives us just one more reason to avoid retail pre-order exclusive nonsense in an update today:

Apologies to everyone for having to wait so long to get these available as DLC as there were some unanticipated technical delays - for those of you inquiring about the expected availability of the L.A. Noire preorder bonuses as DLC after game release, those should become available as DLC much, much sooner.

That's refreshing, though doing away with pre-order exclusives like this would be much more ideal.

For Red Dead Redemption fans looking to get their hands on the aforementioned digital goods, Rockstar Games will be selling each of them at 99 US cents a pop next week.


    Pre-order DLC splitting is stupid and if you pre-order you should receive all of whats available.

    Or have no pre-order DLC fullstop.

      Or return The idea of it being exclusive to the special editions etc until later. The way it's done now is retarded.

      I agree. We pay for a game, we should get said game. Not 95% of the game and we pay extra for the rest.
      Mind you DLC does have it's place if and only if it is extra content which the developer couldn't have fit onto the retail disc. In my opinion that is.


      I have no problem with bonus Content for those who pay for the collectors edition.

      But having limited access based on the store you bought from is stupid.

      Yeah, after-market DLC is different (like expansions)

      Pre-order dlc. stupid. I'm not paying $30 more for EB and then only get 95% of the game.

    Seems EB has The Naked City, JB has A Slip Of The Tongue

    Is there any way we can boycott this sort of thing? People by and large say "no" to preorder bonuses, and they've never affected where I make my purchases - but at the same time there's no real incentive for publishers to NOT do it.. It's annoying

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