Now You Can Make John Marston Look Like Big Boss

Finally, after almost a year on-sale, Rockstar has finally made my lifelong dream of making John Marston from Red Dead Redemption look like Big Boss a reality, via a new set of DLC packs scheduled for release next week.

And by making John Maston look like Big Boss I mean, of course, just giving him an eye patch.

The eye-patch is part of the new Deadly Assassin outfit, which is part of three new DLC add-ons going on sale for 80 Microsoft points, or $1.32 for the PlayStation Network. It's designed to help your Dead Eye meter regenerate at twice the previous speed (hence the patch).

Also available is the Golden Guns weapon pack, which helps you gain more fame, and the War Horse, the strongest fastest horse in the west.

But neither of these packs come with eye patches.

Just sayin'.


    I'm still waiting on that Aria Giovani DLC pack that ...oh never mind.

      I had to look her up, and then...

      ...I seem to have forgotten what I was going to say :\

      You mean the one where she had nothing to do with John marston at all because he has a penis?

        Well it might make RDR worth playing, ah who am I kidding, it'll never get to that stage.


          YEW SOW CLEVA

        I was under the impression that video game guys were hung like Ken dolls!

        Don't be so hard on the girl.

    Still waiting for the GOTY edition of RDR, but might just grab the vanilla version if I can get it for around $30.

    Why not just put it in the game. So that in 10 years time when I play the game again, it's not a crippled vision of what it once was.

    Imagine Super Mario Bros, without the super star. Because it was DLC. The servers are down now, though and the files can't be gotten to. Wonderful.

    How about just making an awesome game from the get go, not a good game with upgrades?

      I don't like pointless DLC as much as the next guy. And you're right, this is the type of thing that should have totally been free.

      But DLC like this has become a necessary evil from console developers. They need as much money they can get from a single game. RDR actually isn't too bad. Rockstar have done ok in the free DLC department (at least they offer anything at all).

      These DLC options were initially preorder bonuses, and are mostly cosmetic. Not having them doesn't detract from the enjoyment of playing the game. And really, most developers wouldn't give you the option to get them otherwise.

      So you can either complain about giving a company another couple of bucks for something that is completely your choice and doesn't detract from the standard gameplay experience, or you can throw a tiny bit more money at a developer who has previous delivered some solid free DLC for a huge multiple award winning game that many claim as one of the best gaming experiences they've had. Either way, you're not missing out on anything if you do or don't buy it.

    I already have all those things because I pre ordered the game before it came out.

    Golden Guns are limited to the starting Pistol and Rifel, the Horse is good though used it all of the game.

      Same. I got the "Limited Edition," which was just a cardboard case over the normal case + the DLC - Shitiest. L.E. Ever.

    Just a quick correction, Mark.

    The Deadly Assassin outfit is not actually modelled off Solid Snake/Big Boss. It is actually modelled off the main character of the cult films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.; Snake Plissken.

    However, many aspects of the Metal Gear Solid series were modelled off the series and character. For example, the 'Snake' moniker, Big Boss' eyepatch, both Solid Snake and Plissken using an underwater submersible to reach Shadow Moses and L.A. respectively, Solid Snake's longer hair before the Shadow Moses incident and during MGS2, the penchant for smoking, use of camouflage gear, and even Snake calling himself 'Pliskin' when disguised as a Navy SEAL in MGS2.

    In fact, I would suggest that anybody who hasn't seen these films should check them out, ESPECIALLY Escape from New York (although L.A. does have the advantage of great cameos from Steve Buscemi and Bruce Campbell). As a Metal Gear fan, there's much enjoyment to be had from picking up the various things Kojima adapted for the Metal Gear series, and the films are just plain fun to watch for those who aren't.

    Weird, I already have the outfit and I didn't pre-order. I think I got it from OZgameshop though. Huh.

    What. No war horse armour?

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