Ocarina Of Time's 3D Remake Grows Up, Gets 19 New Screenshots

While The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS may be in development at a third party, the game is in good hands. And is still, for something first released last milennium, looking great.

It'll be out in North America on June 19.


    Unicron's birthday is the 1st of July. 1 day after what i predict will be the release date in Australia.

    Please Nintendo Aust. Gold Triforce insignia LTD ED. 3DS and Ocarina of Time.

    Is that too much to ask.

    Is it just me or do the models look a little nicer, slightly higher res and smoother polygons than the 64 version?

      I think all the character models have been redone. Link certainly looks a lot better than he did in the original.

    How awesome would it be if they released this on a gold coloured cart?

    Whats the shark thing? I don't remeber that from the original...

      it's Jabu Jabu, the fish the Zora worship.

      GRAAAH! How dare you! Thats a whale, not a shark. Dear god man.

      You've obviously haven't played it 50 times (like the rest of us)

    The hair and textures seem messed up.

    8th thumbnail is my come face.

    Can't. Wait.

      That's funny, the 16th is mine.
      (you can guess which face)

    I think they missed the graphic style with this one. The original N64 dodgy textures and character models left a lot up to the players imagination - we filled in the blanks and saw things how we individually wanted to see them. This version leaves little up to the imagination and the style and tone is there thrown in our face. It looks pretty, but its the Ocarina of Time story i played.

      At first I was like o_O
      But now I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm. And if not, that's a problem.

    Hope Malon looks as pretty older in this one as she did in the original. If not as pretty, then more pretty, considering the texture resolution increase.

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