Of Course Crytek Wants 16 Times More RAM In The Next Console Generation

Crytek took it in the shorts from PC loyalists who felt Crysis 2 was handled in a way that catered more to console users than to PC gamers. In an interview, the studio's graphics engineer said Microsoft and Sony have way underweight RAM configurations, and whatever they build next needs 8 GB of RAM, minimum.

"My finger-pointing at Microsoft/Sony would really be on the memory side," Tiago Sousa told Eurogamer. "It's way too low, and the biggest crippling factor from a visual perspective.

Naturally, the outfit that gave us Crysis, a profoundly demanding game for PC architecture when it was released in 2007, wants 16 times the current generation's memory. That's right, remember, the PS3 and the 360 both have just 512 MB of RAM. While that is aptly described as "nowhere near enough," the things were built going on five years ago now. Still, I don't see Sony or Microsoft packing their next consoles with 8 GB of RAM unless we truly are talking about 10 year plans for the current hardware.

Tiago Sousa, Crytek's top man in graphics, did praise Sony and Microsoft for their developer support, saying Crysis 2 was only possible on those consoles thanks to toolkits that allowed Crytek to wring "as much performance as possible from the fixed architecture."

The Making of Crysis 2 [Eurogamer]


    "In other news, game company Crytek demands hardware developers invent a time machine so that Crysis 3 can be shipped to people in the future, so customers may have hardware that can actually play it."

    Uh, Crytek, how about you make a game that can actually run on current hardware first?

      Console gamer?

      8GB of ram is not that much these days, for instance, you could go to MSY and buy 2x4GB (really cheap) kits for ~$80. Or you could go top of the line for ~$350.

      The current hardware in the 360 and ps3 was good, 5 years ago, and could really do with an upgrade like.... now.

        You could go to MSY and pick up cheap RAM, but the faulty RAM MSY would sell you cause they're the crappiest retailer out there would fail before you even got it home. If console makers pick up the cheap RAM, they'll have the RROD2 on their hands.

        The next consoles will have 4GB minimum though, my desktop at home as 12 and that only cost me $350 (that's good quality DDR3 as well)

          MSY sell the same brands of ram as PCCGC, Umart, Computer alliance, etc.

          Stop talking out of your arse.

          Nice trolling moron

          They sell the same ram as anyone else

          I think there totally right though anything less than8 would be a weak start for them

        Not to mention the fact that Crysis 2 isn't actually as hardware intensive as Crysis is. I can get 50+ fps on Crysis 2 at MAXIMUM detail but still only get 30+ on maximum detial with part 1. It's all about the terrible optimising part 1 had.

          Nevermind the fact that Crysis 2 has no AA control (without 3rd party tools)+ it's in dx9 with much crappier lighting

          And have you actually looked at the terrain textures up close in Crysis 2? Gross compared to warhead :)

            Oh boy, here we go again. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    RAM is so damn cheap now, they'd be stupid not to put at least 4GB.

    With the complaints about prices during the XBOX 360/PS3 launches I don't think more RAM would have helped either console.

      Compared to the original Xbox's 64mb of RAM, it wasn't bad either...

      It's been a long time since this generation started, I can't imagine the next won't be a HUGE leap forward *fingers crossed*

    Lip service to deflect selling out to consoles? icwatudidthar.

    Man, what we really need right now is to put pressure on smaller, less well funded developers to put more money into graphics and less into innovative, fun games. That would be the best thing to do.

      I am stick-figure Shepard and this is my favourite comment in this discussion so far.

      Heh, yeah, because the only thing powerful hardware is good for is eye candy, you couldn't possibly use it to create advanced AI, interesting physics puzzles, smoother and more immersive gameplay, vast interactive game worlds, or faster multiplayer.

      Oh wait.

    It doesn't sound that unreasonable. With the rate at which technology is developing, the cheapness of what they are asking. Remember that these next gen consoles they are talking about will have to last another 5-10 years after they launch. 8gig might seem like alot to you now, but in 2020 or later is will probably seem tiny.

      Sure. In 2020 4GB will be tiny but it's a time for next gen too.
      Do it better to keep the console spec to what it should be on a time instead of give it so much cost and drag it too long later?

    The thing is, it is becoming increasingly indicative that consoles now will very long lifespans, and presumably, future generations will have longer and longer lifespans.

    For that reason, I honestly wouldn't mind to pay more for better hardware, if Microsoft/Sony could convince me that the tech will last for a decently long time.

    But that's just me as a dedicated and addicted casual gamer.

      Ask Mark - doesn't sound his consoles have a very long lifespan :P

    If MS and Sony decide to release a new console, get ready for a 1000 dollar bill or higher. Remember when the ps3 came out?

    I'd like it if Crytek put a 16 times better story in their next generation of games...

    It's not how much RAM you have, it's how you use it that matters.

    At absolute minimum there will be 2 gigs RAM.

    I'd think 4 gigs is more likely, but you never know.

    What I'd like more than anything is for game companies to stop limiting their games by developing for the consoles, and then porting it to the PC.

    PC's are infinitely more powerful today than when these consoles were released, yet game quality is still being limited by the restrictions of these consoles. And I don't just mean the graphics. I mean entire games being dumbed-down from top-of-the-line RPGs like Dragon Age: Origins to Dragon Age 2, Shooters like Crysis to Crysis 2, etc, all for the sake of being easier to play or easier to run on a console. Everywhere we look, PC gamers are getting the short end of the stick because game developers are focusing on being able to put the game where the money is (the ancient console architecture) before making the game as good as possible.

    Sure, let the consoles have dumbed-down ports, but the game should be limited by the platform, not the platform limited by the game as we are seeing now

    Amateurs. Only 8gb? In actual news, gamers demand terabytes worth of RAM cause it would be awesome.

    Real gamers play on server racks and have 56Gb of RAM :P

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