Of Course Portal's Robots Can Wear Team Fortress 2 Hats

With Portal 2 knocking Team Fortress 2 from the limelight this week, many people are probably wondering what the hell they're going to do with all those hats they've picked up. Well, you can use them in Portal 2.

Six of the most iconic Team Fortress 2 hats - and really, hats is what that game is all about these days - can be equipped and used by Portal 2's co-operative mode robots. You have to own them already in Team Fortress 2, of course.

Those hats are the Mann Co. Cap, Prince Tavish's Crown, Pyro's Beanie, Fancy Fedora, Master's Yellow Belt and Tyrant's Helm.


    That'd be right, I traded the crown a while back since I don't use Demo. Would have held onto it otherwise. Ah well.

    Who the hell cares about hats?! Seriously, why? TF2 was amazingly fun, but then they started pouring in incredibly pointless shit like HATS. Maybe we could get some goofy sounds, like kazoos, in L4D2 when you shoot a zombie in foot! HA HA! HAHAHA! And then you could get farting sounds when you shoot 50 zombies in the butt TEEHEHEHEEE!

    Whoever is in charge of this crap, stop it. Now. Forever.

      Only someone poor and Irish would talk about hats like this!

      Slide whistles whenever an opponent dies.

      Only someone with a hat would say hats are stupid.

    cross platform hats?

    I have a Fancy Fedora, yay.

    Personally, I'm waiting for the moment at E3 where Gabe Newell announces that Valve is pulling out of video games and moving into the world of fashion. Naturally, they'll start off with hats...


    Roflmao I totally have a Man Co. Hat Oh yes. I shall be the most pimpin bot in all of aperture ;)

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