Oh, So The NGP Won’t Be Delayed Because Of Japan’s Earthquake

Oh, So The NGP Won’t Be Delayed Because Of Japan’s Earthquake

Earlier this week, SCEA’s Jack Tretton said his company may have to delay the release of its Next Generation Portable. Now his bosses in Japan say, uh, no, that’s not true. Everything’s fine. For now.

“So far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plan,” Sony Computer Entertainment’s Satoshi Fukuoka told Nikkei. He even went so far as to say the original Bloomberg report, which quoted Tretton, was “wrong”.

Note that while more optimistic than Tretton’s original statement, Fukuoka added the disclaimer that Sony “will continue monitoring the situation to assess any possible future impact”.

Sony: No Impact Now From Quake On New Portable Game Machine Launch Plan [Nikkei]


  • I just want to know if I should start saving JB vouchers now or in six months. Have they announced price for this badboy yet?

    • id guestimate that if they want to have any level of competition with the 3DS the most basic model will be 400-450 AUD. and im betting 300-325 for the US.

      They can’t realistically go much higher than that i believe. Otherwise they end up in a position where its costing as much as a smart phone without the ability to phone.

      i see the 3G models having anywhere from 100-150 on top though

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