One Hundred GameCubes Or Somebody's Trash?

When the GameCube went on sale back in 2001, Nintendo priced the console at ¥25,000 and at $199 for the US. So if you were to purchase a hundred GameCubes back then, you'd spend a pretty penny. But what about in 2011?

An online Yahoo! auction offered the chance to purchase one hundred of the consoles, which were apparently snapped up for a mere ¥10,500, which in today's dollars is $US127. A steal! Or is it?

The winning loot is being shipped in seven separate packages, to be paid by the winner. What's more, not all the machines have been checked to see if they work, and the seller will not accept returns under any conditions.

And it appears someone purchased all these GameCubes, which might very well be junked machines. Well, not any junk, GameCube junk! However, due to strict Japanese laws about disposing of electronics, the winning bidder might actually need to shell out even more money to bin any broken machines.

【ヤフオク】ゲームキューブ100台が1万円で落札される [はちま起稿]


    i would make a gamecube fort.

    I can see atleast 5 with gameboy players attached, that's good.

      They look so HAPPY with that attachment. How could you not love that cute little face?

    Could make a Mario statue out of them.

    Notch should add a gamecube block!

    Nintendo fans could chase after third party developers hurling Gamcubes from a coal sack carried on their back, shrieking 'looove meee!'.

    Yes, I do think Nintendo obsessives are the crazy cat ladies of the game world.

    and the consoles behind are....saturns?

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