One Man's Holiday To New Vegas

Given "a few days in the Mojave", one fan of Fallout: New Vegas decided to construct his visit around the game, searching out real-world locations that inspired the in-game scenery. The lone wanderer, one Chris Worth of the United Kingdom, even constructed a Pip-Boy (with admittedly 'shopped map screen) and Power Fist.

Designers from Obsidian, the game's studio, took their own trips to the desert to photograph and scout loctions, so Worth drew on that information to plan his route. Of course, visiting any vaults, or subterranean features, or other notable topological formations was out as many were constructed 100 per cent for the game. But from Freeside (Fremont Street) to Camp McCarran (Las Vegas McCarran International Airport) and even The Devil's Throat (a massive sinkhole IRL), Worth's travelogue pairs screenshots alongside their real-world counterparts.

Fallout New Vegas Tour [Chris worth via Neoseeker]


    Its a conspiracy I tell you!

    Props to this man.

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