One Of iPhone’s Best Role-Playing Sagas Continues In Zenonia 3

One Of iPhone’s Best Role-Playing Sagas Continues In Zenonia 3
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In 2009 Zenonia changed my idea of what an iPhone role-playing game could be. 2010’s Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories further refined the series’ winning formula. Now Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story arrives, and it looks to big the biggest Zenonia yet.

The third instalment of Gamevil’s action-RPG sees players adventuring as one of four unique player classes: Sword Knight, Shadow Hunter, Mechanic Launcher and Nature Shaman. They’ll take on 136 quests spread across 227 unique maps as they quest to unravel the secrets of Midgard.

Improvements come by way of an enhanced selection of monsters (more than 200), Hundreds of new pieces of equipment, and the ability to fight with or against your friends in “asynchronous” online multiplayer modes.

If the previous two instalments are any indication, Zenonia 3 should offer a hell of a lot of role-playing for a measly $5.99. Besides, can 90 five-star reviews for a newly-released game be wrong? Sure, but it isn’t very likely.


  • Hell yea, the Zenonia games are definitely at the top of the pile, screw angry birds I want old school snes era rpgs! and why not? all the emulators I have handle games like Zelda/Beyond oasis/landstalker etc just fine, they’re much more engaging than some casual cannon fodder/worms like rip off.

  • As much as I like cute cartoony role playing games, I find it so awkward to play on my phone.

    Not having a real controller button to press is so difficult and I just gave up after dying from slipping off the touch screen all the time.

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