One Step Closer To Wall-E Society With This Kinect-Powered Chair

One Step Closer To Wall-E Society With This Kinect-Powered Chair

The best part about this Kinect-powered armchair? Microsoft’s going to release the source code for it. Shown off today at the company’s MIX11 coder symposium, the Kinect-powered La-Z-Boy is a proof of concept for the Kinect PC software development kit, which will open up development over Visual Basic and C++.

The recliner code will be released with the SDK. Hand motions control its motions, including reclining. Haven’t seen video, but I’d like to think reclining is triggered by folding your hands behind your head.

The Future: Microsoft Demos A Kinect-Driven Armchair [CrunchGear]


  • A little ironic that the one of the first applications of the official Kinect SDK we see is a chair, considering this technology was intended to get gamers out of their chairs. Can’t wait for the SDK beta, tho.

  • AWESOME!!! I just ordered mine from BigW for $116. Was worried I’d need to start Zumbaing and Dance Centraling, but Slob city here I come!!!

    • IMHO they’d have to be pretty cruel not to.

      From the linked article:
      “The MIX11 crowd pleaser was built using the upcoming Kinect PC SDK that opens up development over Visual Basic, C++, C#.”

      So… yes, there will be C# support.

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