One Young Woman, 7 PSPs, Total Insanity

One Young Woman, 7 PSPs, Total Insanity
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Sawako Hata is a member of idol group SKE48, the Nagoya-based spin-off of idol juggernaut AKB48. Previously, SKE48 members were roped in to promote Kinect in Japan. If Sony is looking for someone to promote the PSP, it should ring Hata. She’s got a bag load of them.

Seven, to be exact. In a recent television broadcast, the 22-year-old Osaka native revealed that she has all four incarnations of the PSP: the PSP-1000, the PSP-2000, the PSP-3000 and the PSPgo. Honestly, if somebody has a working PSP-1000, he or she really doesn’t need a PSP-2000. And a PSP-3000. And a PSPgo.

“Having to take out the game’s UMDs is a pain,” says Hata. So for example, for the two PSP-3000s she has at the moment, one of them is running Monster Hunter. “The other is for when I want to play another game,” she explains. Oh.

Hata must have been the one person in Japan who was really excited about the PSPgo.

If you’ve ever wondered what a PlayStation Portable OCD looks like, well, it kind of looks like this!

PSP7台持ちのGKアイドル誕生 [2ch][Pic]


  • Shawako <3 she has a very shy geekish personality that's totally adorable. And plays the violin, too!

    "Honestly, if somebody has a working PSP-1000, he or she really doesn’t need a PSP-2000."

    I disagree intensely. After I tried a PSP-2000, going back to my 1000 was like picking up a brick and holding it above my head. I HAD to get a 2000.

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