Our First Look At The New Backbreaker

Our First Look At The New Backbreaker

Backbreaker developer NaturalMotion offered fans of the series a sneak peek at the next instalment in the unlicensed football video game, one that takes a different approach that EA Sports’ dominant and NFL backed Madden game. What is it? The developer isn’t talking just yet, but Backbreaker fans are kicking around theories in the game’s official forums.


  • Im sorry team.. I dropped the football on this one.. I did see that the devs posted a teaser message on twitter last week but I was not aware there were changes coming… I will find more.. if anyone cares.. to update you all.

    • OK, current theory that i really think is a serious possibility is a backbreaker game coming to XBLA/PSN. It will be based on the hugely popular iphone game, but use the graphics and physics of the not as popular console game.

      I think this would be a great move to use the good parts of the console release while working on the follow up version..

      I think this will be a hugely popular game and I really hope this theory is right!

      • The iPhone game was a stripped down version of a TACKLE ALLEY which is IN the original game.

        And it was awesome.

        The only con was that you couldn’t save your progress, so if you got wave 27 or something, you just had to keep slugging through it.

  • I enjoyed the demo… but I would have needed to invest huge amounts of time to get good.
    I did eye off the full version, but it was still retailing around 80 odd dollars.

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