Outland Looks Like Super Stardust HD Plus God Of War

Outland, the latest effort by Super Stardust HD creators Housemarque, is looking amazing. This latest trailer shows off co-op gameplay and, hokey storyline aside, I'm quite hyped. As a huge fan of hyper stylised 2D platformers, I'm keen to see more.

Outland is being released on XBLA and PSN on April 27.


    Sweet, I loved SSHD and Dead Nation! I wasn't even aware of this title until now... whats even better is that its released in a fortnight!

    Also looks to borrow the style of Patapon, which isn't a bad thing...

    Does look pretty funky, will probably pick this up regardless, Housemarque along with the PixelJunk team are currently Day 1 on anything they throw at me list.

    No steam release? Sad panda.

    This game did not need the voiceover. Seriously could have been the same plot for any other cheesy game from history.

      Agreed. The VO is awful, and the plot dire.

      Hopefully the writing in the game will be vastly better than the insipid trailer!

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